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Download Du Battery Saver APK Pro for android

Du Battery Saver APK - New best android battery saver apps is landing on play store, developed by DU apps Studio, du battery saver has a good rating on play store. The latest update this apps is launched on the 29th sept. and lets know more about this amazing utility apps for your android mobile phone.

Du Battery Saver APK is a battery power saving app that extends your power hungry smartphone. It includes convenient tools and widgets to gauge what apps or activities could be draining your battery plus an easy one-click button to optimize!

Du battery saver application helps users save on precious battery life while not slowing on the application's performance as well. So let's find out how the application is and how well it performs. The application first off comes free to use so users can keep the application for as long as they want or can leave it at any time without feeling the pinch. The installation file is small, less than 4 MB, and hardly requires 1-2 minutes of time to download and install the application. Even while using a 2G GPRS connection it took approximately 3 minutes to finish.

The new version has introduced some cosmetic changes, and the overall user interface comes across really neat. The homepage of the app is divided into four tabular sections  – Battery, Saver, Charge and Monitor. Under Battery, it shows the percentage as well as time left before your battery goes kaput. There is a prominent “Optimise” button and just a single tap on it will take you to the optimising page. 

The Saver section is further divided into two parts – Mode and Smart. While "Smart" section is for Pro users, the "Mode" section lets you opt for custom usage modes. For instance, Long mode keeps your calls and SMS on and shuts down mobile data. Users can even customise or add new modes as per their mobile computing needs. The "Charge" section gives some gyan about three different methods of charging and the "Monitor" section displays how much charge is being gobbled down by your apps and hardware. On the upper right side corner, it has the Settings icon, which lets you tweak the features as per your needs.

Features and performance
As soon as you install the Du Saver app, you are greeted with a three pager introduction, and then you are good to go. The Battery section shows a large battery icon along with the percentage of charge remaining. But what we really liked is its ability to reveal how many hours more your battery will last. Now, if the time left is six hours and you want it to squeeze through, say, seven hours of battery usage, then simply click on the Optimise button. 

With a single tap, it takes you to a page wherein you are given options such as optimise screen brightness, set the screen timeout, disable Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and so on. The app quickly scans your device and shows the best possible options that will help you save some battery life. You can enable these options with simple taps directly on the Optimise page. 

Each option you enable will add some time to the battery life. For instance, by completely optimising the phone, we managed to extend the battery life by 1 hour and 16 minutes, and on another occassion by 45 minutes. However, there is no undo or disable option on the optimising page; one will have to manually turn on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other features. But the “Saver” section can come to the rescue here.

Du Battery Saver is a highly useful app for saving and optimizing battery life on our power guzzling phones. So I recommend to you for downloading this apps, wanna to get it? okay just follow the link i given at the end of this articles.

Apps Official video :

Install Du Battery Saver via play store [here]

Download Du Battery Saver APK Pro for android Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: Fauza Ikhwan

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