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Plague Inc Full APK v Download [ Unlocked ]

Plague Inc apk is one of most popular and amazing android games it is evidenced by user ratings on play store, since launch date this game is have 4.7 average rating start from 233,345 total user reviews, it's very amazing value for android game, because it I'll post about plague inc and give you the plague inc APK file in the end of my articles, ok let's read the review about this game.

Plague Inc. for android is my new favorite game. In Plague, you play as a disease. The goal of the game is to kill off the human race through disease. Starting out, the only option to kill off humanity is bacteria. After the humans are eradicated with one type of plague, a new option opens up. There are seven different ways to kill off the humans. Each one has pros and cons to it. Some will transfer from person to person better than others while some may travel better through the air with ease.

When you begin the game, you can pick a country to infect first. From there, you wait for the ailment to spread, and collect DNA points. The disease can spread on land, or through boats and airplanes. To speed up the process, you can use the DNA points to mutate the disease and make it better at infecting people.

Although you’ll spend a lot of time jumping between menus, Plague Inc.'s tap controls and distinctive icons for each option make it a straightforward, ultra-intuitive experience.

Admittedly, the immoral concept of trying to wipe out all life on earth – no matter how imaginatively it’s presented – won’t appeal to many good-natured gamers.

wanna to play this game? just visit this link and you can download plague inc android game for free, but if you want to download plague inc full apk, you can hit the link below.

Plague Inc Full APK v Download [ Unlocked ] Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: Fauza Ikhwan

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