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DraStic DS APK Download Nintendo DS Emulator For Android

Download DraStic DS APK - Today, we have very good news for the Nintendo DS fans, There is a new Nintendo DS emulator app available to download on android play store.  It is called DraStic and even though it has been up for download for only a few  days, it is already on its way to reach the 10,000 downloads mark. Not bad for an emulator priced at $7.99.

DraStic APK comes with many features for android device, including the ability to customise placement and size of the DS screens for both portrait and landscape modes, support for add-on controllers as well as physical controllers

like Nvidia's Shield and Sony's Xperia Play, and Google Drive integration drastic ds apk for android lets you sync your save files with the  cloud.

To run the drastic Nintendo DS emulator properly, your phone needs to have an ARMv7a processor with NEON support. This includes any Cortex-A8, Cortex-A9 except for Tegra 2, Cortex-A15, Scorpion, or Krait processors. Tegra 2, ARM11, Intel Atom and MIPS processors are sadly not compatible with the emulator. As for RAM, at least 256MB is required, with more than 128MB free. A display with a resolution of at least 320 x 480 is recommended, and the Android version needs to be Gingerbread 2.3.3 or higher.

To set up DraStic DS APK, you’ll need to get the BIOS files for the Nintendo DS and drop them onto your device’s root storage folder, SD card, or Download folder. Now, these files are copyrighted, and the only way to get them legally is off of your own NDS system via some expensive third-party hardware. There are other ways for Google Android users to get Nintendo DS BIOS files, but they aren’t strictly legal. The game ROMs themselves are also a somewhat tricky legal subject, but it’s generally agreed that you’ve got the right to emulate a commercially-sold game if you own an original copy. All the screenshots you see here are from games that I own.

Once you’ve got your files in place, start the app and select a game from the file browser. Here’s the other part of DraStic that makes it fantastic: the options. As you may know, the dual-screen setup of the Nintendo DS is a tricky thing to work onto a single-screen interface. But DraStic offers no less than six different window modes for the two emulated screens. In the default view both sides are equally large and side by side, but there are options for big and little screens (nice for games that don’t utilize one or the other very much), a stacked view, and single full-screen views. All of these can be swapped at any time with an assignable button. The portrait stacked screen layout is probably the best one for those with tablets or larger phones.

Download DraStic DS APK 

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Let's Look the APP Screenshots and video Below :

Enjoy downloading ^^, If the download link is broken, let me know by contacting me via contact us page. And thanks for visiting this blog, you can download another great android game like Unicorn Dash APK.

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