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Download Unicorn Dash APK For Android

Download Unicorn Dash APK - An extremely enhanced 3D game such as Shadowgun: Deadzone is only good to be played when you really have nothing else to do. I mean that since such a game requires full attention from players, it’s just not nice to deal with when you only have a short time. In that regard, I found that a simple arcade game such as Unicorn Dash For Android can be a quite nice alternative. In case you have no idea, this game is developed by UNICORNGAMES. It’s not really a well-known developer but seeing their creation, I guess they have some pretty good potential.

As with many adventurous arcade games, everything in Unicorn Dash For Android is all about earning the highest point for your attempts. You have to walk through some floating platforms to reach the checkpoint while also collecting items along the way and avoid getting bruised by the enemies and step off the platforms. Attacking the enemies can be done by tapping on one of the on-screen buttons position at the bottom of the screen. As soon as you tap it, the unicorn will dash forward in great speed to eliminate the enemies.

While the graphics are of average quality, I appreciate that all controls can be delivered smoothly without lagging. Probably, it’s an advantage of its simplistic concept. By the way, it seems that there was something seriously wrong with the game recently that the developer was forced to pull it back from Google Play. I can’t find it there. Thus, to get it installed, you have to download the older version APK, you can follow the link below to get the APK file.

Download Unicorn Dash APK file [HERE]

Download Unicorn Dash APK For Android Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: Fauza Ikhwan

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